Jane Austen Makes Return Visit to Beacon Hill Books

Special to the Times

On each of her visits, customers grilled “Jane,” trying to get her to break character. But she answered every single question as thoroughly as if she were the real Jane Austen, with an exhaustive knowledge of biographical details and an equally thorough knowledge of Austen’s novels. While speaking with a self-described Jane Austen super fan, Jane said she was working on a book about the family called the Elliots but hadn’t quite decided on a title. The customer didn’t miss a beat and suggested, “What about calling it ‘Persuasion’?”

Courtesy of Melissa Fetter
Celebrated Georgian-era English novelist Jane Austen (as played by
local actress and historical interpreter Laura Rocklyn), visited Beacon
Hill Books at 71 Charles St. twice in July and made another appearance
this past Saturday, Aug. 5.

Jane was fascinated by the model train on the children’s floor of the bookstore. She said she’d read about them but had never seen one in person (which is absolutely historically accurate.)

After talking to Jane for a while, a little girl responded to Jane’s comment that she was born in 1775 with: “My mom was born in the 1900s.” And also said to her mother: “We’re going to buy all of her books and read all of the plays she likes and get all of the books she recommends.”

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