Hamas Are Terrorists, Not Freedom-Fighters

The demonstrations that have been occurring around the country, especially on college campuses, in apparent support of the Hamas terrorists who slaughtered 1400 Israelis, have been disappointing on many levels.

The Hamas organization is not composed of “freedom fighters” who are seeking to better the lives of the two million people of Gaza. Rather, Hamas is a terrorist group that proclaims only one goal — the destruction of the State of Israel — and has shown it will stop at nothing to achieve its ends, including the cold-blooded slaughter of 1400 Israeli civilian men, women, and children.

In addition, Hamas and its masters, the Iranian government leaders (who have funded and trained the Hamas terrorists), consider the two million residents of the Gaza strip — of whom half are children — essentially as cannon fodder to achieve their objective of provoking a response from Israel that, they hope, will set the Middle East, if not the entire world, aflame.

The massacre at the Israeli kibbutzim, dance festival, and villages on October 7 accomplished nothing, other than to bring about an Israeli military invasion of Gaza that the Israelis see as necessary in order to root out the military capacity of the Hamas terrorists, but which Hamas knows invariably will result in the deaths of hundreds of innocent Gazan civilians and children.

Peace in the Middle East will be achievable only when all Arab states and Iran are willing to acknowledge the right of the State of Israel simply to exist. However, given that Iran, Hamas, and others preach that Israel must be destroyed, peace will never be achieved and the endless cycle of violence only will continue for future generations, a sad state of reality that the pro-Hamas demonstrators conveniently ignore.

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