The Dominoes Are Falling Toward Trump

With the crisis in the Middle East and the dysfunction among Congressional Republicans garnering all of the headlines these days, the many trials and tribulations of former President Donald Trump have been relegated in recent weeks to what we in the newspaper business refer to as “below the fold” news stories.

But the recent plea bargain agreements with the Fulton County District Attorney of two of Trump’s lawyers, Sidney Powell and Kenneth Chesebro, who helped him concoct various schemes to steal the election in Georgia, portend the inevitable march in the case against Trump himself for his role in masterminding the attempted swindle which was highlighted by that now-infamous phone call with the Georgia Secretary of State that captured Trump’s own words in an audio recording.

Trump will try to delay his own trial for as long as possible. But as his co-conspirators realize that jeopardizing their careers — not to mention facing the prospect of a lengthy sentence in a Georgia state prison — are not worth it for a man who does not have their backs, they one-by-one will decide to come clean and tell the truth.

And as they do so, Donald Trump himself will move closer-and-closer to being held accountable for his efforts to undermine our democracy.

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