Overall Crime Statistics Take Pleasing Plunge

Boston Police crime statistics released last week revealed that crime on Beacon Hill, Charlestown, Chinatown and in downtown dropped by an extraordinary 18-percent in violent crime and property crimes respectively.

Between January 1 and September 18 of this year, there were 1976 incidents compared with 2,397 during the same time period last year.

The decreases were across the board in all forms of crime – robberies, attempted robberies, burglaries and attempted burglaries.

This comes as great but not entirely unexpected news to Beacon Hill resident who are enjoying one of the most crime free periods in modern history.

Beacon Hill is not without crime but the levels of nearly all crimes committed in this neighborhood dropped dramatically and are continuing to drop during the past nine months.These telling results are all about police protection remaining at a high and efficient level and is largely due to Mayor Menino’s continued iron-fisted commitment to public safety.

It is also about neighborhood vigilance and awareness about crime.

Beacon Hill residents have eagle eyes. Homeowners and apartment and condo dwellers tend to take special care in looking out for their particular location on the Hill.

This works, as the statistics prove.

Working together for safety is working together for the public good.

Let’s all keep it up. A safer Beacon Hill is a better place to live.

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