NSTAR, Again

In March, a fire at an electrical sub-station in Back Bay caused a costly and potentially dangerous electrical outage for much of Back and parts of Beacon Hill. About 21,000 NSTAR electric customers were without electricity for two days.

An unrepentant NSTAR said then it would not reimburse businesses of residential consumers for their losses.

Now comes a second incident, last Tuesday, which caused 12,500 NSTAR customers to lose their power for about an hour.

According to NSTAR, the Back Bay power supply failed Tuesday during ongoing repairs to the electrical sub-station that caught fire in March.

Because of a supposedly faulty power supply a protective system activated, shutting down a transformer and a 115,000 volt line.

That is all well and good.

What would be better is NSTAR informing all of us who are consumers of its electricity that a system wide survey will be taken of its Boston power supply grid to ensure that no such shutdowns occur in the weeks and months to come.

A shutdown due to an explosion and fire can be understood. What cannot be as easily digested is a shutdown without notice caused by the repairs that are being made.

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