Police Briefs 10-08-2013


From Boston Police Area A-1

COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICE: 617-343-4627 • DRUG UNIT: 617-343-4879 • EMERGENCIES: 911

Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon

09/26/13 – At about            9:02 p.m., a male victim at a Bowdoin Street establishment became involved in an argument with two other patrons. He moved to a different bar stool to get away from them, at which time one of the patrons struck him on the back of the head with a glass beer pitcher. The suspect and his friend then fled the area. The victim declined medical attention at the time.


Sept. 25

41 Temple St. – Breaking and Entering, Non-Residence, Night – Force


Sept. 26

9 Bowdoin St. – Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon – Other


Sept. 27

145 Pinckney St – Investigate Person

190 Cambridge St.  – Sick/Injured/Medical – Person


Sept. 28

Mt. Vernon Street  – Property – Found

46 South Russell St.  – Vandalism

132 Charles St.  – -Property – Found

Beacon Street  – Missing Person – Located


Sept. 29

Derne Street  – Other Service/Event

40 Hancock St.  – Investigate Property

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