A New Street Cleaning Program

 For the last 18 months, the city has run a pilot program on parking regulations regarding street cleaning in Charlestown.  The new regulations for street cleaning replace the current fine of $40, plus having your car towed, with only a $90 ticket if a driver fails to remove their car prior to the designated street-sweeping schedule.  The consensus among Charlestown residents was that the streets were able to still be cleaned  without the need for towing.

This program is now open to all neighborhoods in Boston.

Resident groups in the South End are vehemently opposed to changing the present street cleaning program that gives a $40 ticket and a tow.  Other neighborhoods, including  the Back Bay, are discussing the idea.

The question is whether a street cleaning program like the one in Charlestown can work in Beacon Hill.

A good street cleaning works only if the sweeper can get to the curbs and not have cars in their way.

Will the drivers and contractors just leave their cars on the street and opt for a $90 ticket rather than have to move their car?

We think many will just leave their cars on the street during street sweeping days and this will result in more trash and dirtier streets.

We know that nothing can be more upsetting that having your car towed.  And admittedly, we are a closed neighborhood, more like Charlestown than the South End.  But we feel that the new $90 single ticket — without a tow — is not high enough to make owners move their cars.  Parking is already a problem in our neighborhood where there are almost twice as many cars as there are parking spaces.  (And this does not even take into account the number of parking spots lost to construction vehicles.)

But this is just our opinion.

Residents can call the Beacon Hill Civic Association, the Mayor’s Beacon Hill representative, Jacob Wessel at 617-635-2679 or Councilor Josh Zakim and give their opinion.  We encourage residents to let their voices be heard on this matter.

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