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I support Quentin Palfrey

I am writing to express my support for Quentin Palfrey, a Democrat who is running for Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts and to urge Beacon Hill Times readers to give him their support on Primary Day, Sept. 4. I have known Quentin for more than 20 years and can speak with authority on what an honest, bright and compassionate person he is. Over this time I have seen the remarkable dedication he has to public service and the results that dedication has achieved.

A devoted husband and the father of three young children, Quentin entered public service immediately upon graduation from Harvard Law School, And he hasn’t looked back. His career in government, law and social service over the past 20 some years is distinguished. His focus in President Obama’s administration was on jobs and technology including serving as the President’s Senior Advisor for Jobs and Competitiveness in the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy and Deputy Counsel for Strategic Initiatives at the Department of Commerce. Here in the Commonwealth, as Chief of the Health Care Division in the Attorney General’s Office, Quentin played a leading role in the implementation of universal health care and related health care reforms. In addition to job creation and health care access Quentin has demonstrated a commitment to social justice as well. It is what attracted him to public service in the first place and what his leadership as the Head of J-PAL North America, the poverty lab at MIT, is all about.

Quentin has achieved much in his career – promoting job creating technologies, advancing health reform and fighting poverty and inequality. But in these areas and others – including advancing progressive environmental and clean energy policy – there is much more to be done. Quentin is passionate about meeting these challenges and has the smarts, commitment, and drive to contribute meaningfully to doing so.

I know Quentin Palfrey to be a man of experience and passion, yes, but also a man of strong character and high moral standards. He has proven that over 20 years of public service. And I know he would prove it once again as our Lieutenant Governor. That’s why I am proud to co-chair his campaign and why I urge voters to cast their ballot for him on primary day, September 4th.

John P. DeVillars

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