Eliot School Announces Neal Widett Scholarship Fund

Eliot School of Fine and Applied Arts, in the North End, is proud to announce the Neal Widett Scholarship Fund.

The late Neal Widett was a master craftsman, woodworker, and sign-maker in Boston for more than 40 years. He created the distinctive hand carved signs you will find on Charles Street, which continue to be emblematic of the charming character of the Beacon Hill neighborhood.  

 Widett grew up in Newton, and several of his childhood friends got together to commemorate him by starting a scholarship fund in his name at the Eliot School of Fine & Applied Arts. This scholarship fund will be used to pay the tuition of at least two students each year for the Eliot School’s Summer Program for a period of ten years. The fund will also provide for a Widett Master Woodworking Class.  

 Eliot School is honored and humbled to steward the commemorative scholarship of such a well-loved and accomplished artist. Widett is a powerful example for young people and lifelong learners of how handcrafted work may contribute to the character or feeling of a community.

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