Make Way for Goslings

By Michael Maler

Several weeks ago, Pearl (my poodle) and I were walking through the Public Garden early in the morning. Pearl was alerted to a “chirping” coming from the Lagoon, so we went over to investigate.

We arrived to find a tiny gosling, paddling around. But no mother in sight.

Park Ranger Emily noticed us at the water’s edge and came over to make sure everything was okay. She explained that mother geese were very protective, and since none of the geese present seemed to be bothered by our presence, that this sweet little baby must have been abandoned. She quickly and gently scooped up the gosling, which we named “Puddles.”

Ranger Emily placed Puddles in a box, and since he was hungry, she gave him some grass to eat. I gave him my shirt, so he had a soft and warm place to rest. He quickly nodded off. Poor little thing must have been exhausted.

Puddles was taken to the Ranger Station on the Common, where he got the royal spa treatment. A quick swim in the sink – and some time for self-reflection.

Later in the day, I received an email from Ranger Emily that Puddles had been taken to the Muddy River, where she hoped he would find a new family. Upon arrival he was quickly accepted by an adoptive mother who had three other chicks. These three were born a week or so earlier, so Puddles was smaller in comparison to his new siblings (he is second from the right).

Ranger Emily was optimistic that this little baby would successfully bond with his new mother, but just to be sure went back a few days later to monitor the situation. And this is what she found…

Puddles was doing great, having been both literally and figuratively taken under the wing of his new mother. He seems to be very happy with his new family.Michael Maler is a resident of Temple Street on Beacon Hill who recently founded Crescendo Productions, his own special events and programming production-company

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