Blackstone’s Presents ‘the Last Shepard and Tales of the Tenth Ornament’

“The Last Shepard and Tales of the Tenth Ornament” is a timely Christmas tale about faith and hope.

On Christmas Eve a young and cynical Boston reporter is sent to cover the demolition of Blackstone’s, a small store in Boston’s Beacon Hill, and to investigate the unexpected death of its owner, Jack Shepard. Though at first the reporter is disgruntled, feeling that the story is too small for him, in the end his experience proves to be much greater than he expects. As he delves into the life of Jack Shepard, the reporter explores the boundaries of doubt and faith and the value of a single life. A night of mysterious events, full of unforgettable characters, unfolds that will ultimately reveal a secret message to travelers who have assembled from across the country to meet Shepard. The reporter is challenged and mystified by the unwavering faith of the travelers; and before the night is over he is forced to address his own boundaries of belief when confronted by events unimaginable within his world of reason.

The author, Mark Duffield, has been the co-owner of Blackstone’s of Beacon Hill, a prominent gift store, in Boston since April of 2006.

He has had 16 years of fundraising experience serving as a director of business development at Boston’s WGBH Public television and radio station and later as corporate director at New England Conservatory in Boston. Duffield has written three screenplays, “SUDAN,” “Chord of the Bay” and “Wizard of the Upper Amazon.”

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Tour dates

The Last Shepard & Tales of the Tenth Ornament

Blackstone’s of Beacon Hill: September 2011 — exact date to be announced soon

Massachusetts General Hospital Gift Shop — Exact date to be set

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