Woman Assaulted on Public Walkway at Esplanade Near Bu

An 18-year old woman was sexually assaulted early Friday morning, according to State Police, who are asking the public to use caution.

The woman, a Boston University student was attacked at 1 a.m. near the Silber Way Footbridge by a man, according to the State Police. She first reported the attack to BU Police.

State Police Spokesperson David Procopio noted the obvious about the Esplanade in the warmth – which has receded a bit since this attack took place.

“Milder temperatures will bring more people onto the Esplanade, and more people later at night,” he said. “We want them to enjoy it, but to enjoy it safely,” he added.

He urged cyclists, runners, walkers and everyone else using the Esplanade’s public pathway to remain vigilant at night.

This attack took place close to the Boston University campus shortly before the BU Bridge.

No other details have been issued about this attack. However, police are apparently making efforts to examine information about previous attacks in order to determine whether or not they are connected.

Three similar sexual attacks have taken place on or around the Esplanade public path, according to Procopio.

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