The Empty Neighborhood

The surest sign that the full blossom of the summer is upon us following the July 4 holiday is that one can find a parking space more easily just about everywhere.

Anecdotal evidence suggests strongly what many Beacon Hill and Back Bay residents have known for decades – that after the July 4 holiday or slightly before it and then for weeks after, it is vacation time.

Beacon Hill is quiet. Back Bay is quiet. Business and commerce of all sorts continues unabated but at a rather slower clip.

The annual slowdown, so to speak, is palpable and to the trained eye, apparent.

For the few neighborhood residents who don’t go away, who do not vacation, who enjoy the neighborhood when it is far less crowded, and July is prime time.

For them, this is a time to enjoy the neighborhood unfettered.

Whether you are shopping on Charles Street or Boylston Street, on Newbury Street or on the Cambridge Street side of Beacon Hill, there is more space, a bigger calm, if you will.

Even the pace of life seems to slow just a bit and for a short while, the neighborhoods are relatively empty and so easy and delightful to traverse.

Of course, many more thousands remain than leave for vacations.

Many more thousands eat out and shop than don’t.

During the first two weeks of July the emptiness is palpable.

And in the instance of this summer, at least the weather is grand.

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