A Great Time Was Had by All

Last week’s Beacon Hill Civic Association annual block party was a tremendous success.

Hundreds of Beacon Hill residents attended the affair which featured multiple venues that appealed in one way or another to nearly all those who came out for the event.

The weather was fabulous, so warm and sunny – a quintessential pre-fall New England day when shortsleeves and shorts were still appropriate.

For the younger residents there was the tour of the Boston Fire Department ladder truck with all the fire fighting regalia on display. There were also games and kids oriented fun.

A collection of books for sale caught a lot of interest and many came away with a volume or two for personal reading pleasure.

A Duck Boat was on hand adding to the festive feeling that permeated Charles Street.

There was ice cream and cup-cakes (you could decorate your own) and there was live music.

The day, however, wasn’t just about the trappings, it was about people and it was about the neighborhood getting together and for the men, women and children of all ages living in Beacon Hill having the opportunity to catch up on local gossip and to be a bit more casual and friendly.

In this respect, the block party was a reason to exist on a Sunday near to Fall meant for fun and for neighborliness.

Beacon Hill is about community and events like this block party just bring it out in the open.

The Beacon Hill Civic Association neighborhood block party highlights the really wonderful tempo of life that exists in this neighborhood – and it highlights as well the closeness that exists among residents here and what leaders here do to sustain this.

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