Hill-o-ween Is Just Around the Corner

The annual Hill-o-ween fundraiser for Hill House is set for October 25 at The Beehive.

For those of our readers who maybe unfamiliar, Hill House is a true community resource for all residents.  This organization has become an integral part of what makes living in the city more enjoyable.

For our children, Hill House staff offers the type of programs that can only be found in the suburbs of Boston.  On any Saturday morning in the fall, one only has to look at the Ebersole Field to see hundreds of children, ages 5 to 12, taking part in the soccer programs.

Sports is just one component of the Hill House organization.

There are a variety of  after school activities that would include art and music and are offered throughout the school year.

To run all these programs takes money and the fees charged only cover about 66% of the cost.  The rest of the money is from donations and fundraisers such as Hill-o-ween

We urge all those who can go to come and have a fun evening — contact Diane Powers at 617-227-5838 for more information.  And if you cannot go, one can also make a donation.

After almost 50 years, Hill House has become a staple in our neighborhood.  Let’s continue to support this organization.

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