Letters to the Editor

Local constituents support Connolly for mayor

Dear Editor:

We support John Connolly to be the next mayor of Boston and urge our neighbors to vote for him on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

John is well known for his work to improve Boston Public Schools (BPS). He doesn’t just talk about making sure every child in Boston receives a high-quality education. As chair of the city council’s Education Committee, he’s doing something about it. John understands we’re falling short of that goal, and he wants to be mayor to accelerate the pace at which BPS improves. And he is wholeheartedly in support of creating more local school options for downtown’s families.

While John Connolly is well known for his education work, he is not a one-issue candidate. For example, to ensure our city is safer by getting guns off the streets, he wants to resume the city’s gun buyback program. To strengthen local businesses, John proposes to institute a “Buy Boston” program to promote Boston products and companies and establish a Made-In-Boston Venture Capital firm to encourage investment in local businesses. These are practical solutions that will make our city safer and expand economic opportunity.

Boston is at a crossroads. Let us choose our path wisely, and please join us in choosing John Connolly to be the city’s next mayor.

State Rep. Jay Livingstone, Revere St.

Former State Representative Paul Demakis, Commonwealth Avenue

Ania Camargo, Temple Street

Susan Christiansen, Commonwealth Ave.

Chris Gabrieli, Louisburg Square

Russ Gaudreau, Chestnut Street

Herbert Gleason, Byron Street

Muriel Finegold, Mt. Vernon Street

Rajan Nanda, Garden Street

Sue Prindle, Marlborough Street

Blair Vallely, Beacon Street

Herbert Weiss, Mt. Vernon Street

Colin Zick, Sentry Hill Place

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