Forum on Charter Schools Set for Jan 20

A forum organized and hosted by The Boston Ward 5 Democratic Committee will be held on January 20   at Suffolk University Law School Auditorium, 120 Tremont St.  from 7 to 8:30 p.m. For information

In response to widespread concerns regarding the state of public education in America, many states and cities, including Massachusetts and Boston, have experimented with charter schools. Charter schools operate with public money but can make changes to many typical practices within public schools. Charter practices around selection of students, treatment of teachers, uses of standardized testing, disciplinary policies, draw on public funds, and other issues have created intense controversy. Charter school advocates and those supporting non-charter public schools alike tout successes within current education settings.

This forum intends to inform the public on the intention of charter schools and their impact on students and the system as a whole. These are among the issues to be addressed in this forum:

What are the goals of public education?

Are American public schools really failing?

What are costs and benefits of charter schools as a strategy for public education?

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