Old Fashioned Family Fun at Lala Rokh

For over 20 years, family has always been a huge part of Lala Rokh. They have watched kids grow up over the years and then come in with their own children. This community has always been important to us which is why every Sunday night is Sunday Night Family Night.

On Sunday, September 17 we had our first ever Sunday Night Family Night at Lala Rokh. Families came in and enjoyed dinner followed by a spectacular performance by magician, The Great Scott.

If you couldn’t attend the performance, don’t worry! On October 29, Lala Rokh will be hosting a Halloween themed Sunday Night Family Night featuring a performance from Batman and Robbin after dinner, which will be $33 a person (excluding taxes and gratuity) and children under 6 eat half off. Dinner will start at 5-530PM before the performance. Everyone is encouraged to come dressed in their Halloween costume to celebrate the occasion!

Until this next performance, every Sunday is still filled with family fun! Lala Rokh will have plenty of board games and cards for everyone to play after dinner and have good old-fashioned fun.

For more information, contact Babak Bina at [email protected] or at (617) 720-551.

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