Getting Framed in the Public Garden

If you are taking walk through the Public Garden, step into one of three, life-sized frames installed for you to take a picture.

The frames were recently installed by the Friends of the Public Garden and will be in the park until mid-December. The frames help reestablish for park visitors just how beautiful the Garden is, but they are also a good reminder of the important work done by the Friends, in partnership with the city, to keep not only the Garden, but also the Common and Commonwealth Avenue Mall in such good condition.

The nonprofit Friends of the Public Garden was started in 1970, and cares for the three parks, investing over $1 million dollars annually to prune the trees, conserve sculpture, maintain the lawns, and conduct capital improvements

The frames swivel 360 degrees so you can choose your photo— pose in front of the lagoon, the iconic willow trees or another scene of fall foliage. Selfies are a bit challenging.

“Take a photo and share your masterpiece with the world,’’ is the Friends’ message posted on a sign underneath frame, and share on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #FOPG. One frame is located on the Beacon Street side of the lagoon and the other two on the Boylston Street end.  One of those is lower for fun photos of children and maybe much-loved pets.

The frames first appeared in the Garden in the fall of 2014, then the following year they were installed on Boston Common. This past summer, the frames even took a trip to the Eustis Estate in Milton, on loan to Historic New England. Wherever they have been, the idea of a photograph using the frames has been hugely popular. This past week there have been lines of people waiting to “get in the frame.”

“We wanted to celebrate the beauty of the Public Garden, and we encourage people to share on social media so more people will learn about the Friends of the Public Garden and our efforts to renew, care, and advocate for these parks,” said Susan Abell, director of communications and outreach.  Plus, they are just plain fun.

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