Civic Association Urges MGH to Fix North Anderson Park’s Bad Conditions

By Dan Murphy

The Beacon Hill Civic Association board of directors is urging Massachusetts General Hospital to address the deteriorating conditions in and around North Anderson Park, which it maintains now pose a “significant risk to public safety.”

In a Jan. 12 letter to the hospital, Mark Kiefer, board chair, wrote that the Civic Association’s Cambridge Street Committee “has been working diligently with MGH and other stakeholders to find compassionate solutions to the challenges facing the Cambridge Street area, specifically in an around Mousey Park [a.k.a. North Anderson Park]  and the block between Blossom and North Anderson streets.”

Kiefer added, “The vacancy of the this entire block remains a significant barrier to further progress in the revitalization of Cambridge Street, and we urge MGH to engage with the West End and Beacon Hill communities in planning for the development of this parcel in a manner that enhances the vibrancy and safety of Cambridge Street, and to do as expeditiously as possible.”

Moreover, Kiefer wrote that the Civic Association supports “the relocation of the existing fencing along Cambridge and North Anderson streets to enclose Mousey Park, as a temporary emergency measure necessary to enhance public safety, while MGH pursues permanent solutions to the development of this prominent block of Cambridge Street. “

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