Cambridge Trust Co to Showcase Local Artist

The Cambridge Trust Company’s Beacon Hill branch at 65 Beacon St. is showcasing “Water Works,” a collection of oil/cold encaustic paintings by Boston resident and fine artist Walter Baranowski, as part of its ongoing commitment to support and celebrate the cultural and economic importance of art in the community.

The branch will also host a reception, giving neighborhood residents and the public an opportunity to meet the artist on Thursday, March 22, from 6 to 8 p.m.

Baranowski seeks to prove his thesis that “water is a magnet to light and color” through his paintings; his “Water Works” collection moves beyond typical landscapes to explore other ways of examining water. Some pieces look through and into water, at shadows cast under and across water, or highlight the coolness or warmth of water and evoke wetness or even a briny smell. Other pieces explore the multitude of ways in which water reflects and absorbs light and color. The season, time of day, wind and weather conditions all orchestrate the effects of water perceived by the viewer.

Stacy Sheehan, vice president and manager of the Beacon Hill branch, noted, “Cambridge Trust’s continued support for the arts in Boston is exemplified by our current exhibit of Walter Baranowski’s ‘Water Works.’ I invite our clients and the community to a reception with the artist on March 22 at the Cambridge Trust Beacon Hill office, where the collection is on display through May 2.”

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