Harvest Fest and Halloween Costume Party Returns to Phillips Street Play Area

On Sunday, Oct. 28, the sky stayed rain-free while the Friends of the Phillips Street Play Area held their 10th annual Harvest Fest and Halloween Costume Party at the Phillips Street Play Area, located on Phillips Street between Anderson and Garden streets on Beacon Hill.

For the many kids in attendance, there was face-painting, games, a “guess-the-number-of-candy-corns-in-a-big-glass-jar” contest and a “spooky pumpkin” drawing contest.  There was also a bake sale with Halloween cookies, brownies and cupcakes, all made by Jordan Whitney, age 9. Whole Foods on Cambridge Street donated apple cider and mini-pumpkins for the kids, and Peet’s Coffee on Charles Street contributed hot coffee for the parents pro bono.

Tori Anderson of Mount Vernon Street guessed the right number of candy corns in the jar; and Zolie Malek of Avery Street in Downtown Crossing won for the best pumpkin drawing. Everyone had a great time at the event.

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