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Beautifying and Engaging the Community at First Friday Coffee Hour with Kristen Mobilia and John Corey

At the most recent First Friday Coffee Hour on Friday, May 3, the Beacon Hill Civic Association Events Committee hosted two guests: Kristen Mobilia, candidate for Boston City Council District 8, and John Corey, Co-Chair of the BHCA Tree & Civic Beautification Committee.  Rita Horgan of the BHCA Committee hosted the gathering.

Pictured L-R are John Corey, Co-Chair of the BHCA Tree and Civic Beautification Committee, event organizer Rita Horgan and Kristen Mobilia.

John Corey described how the Tree Committee advocated for the tree guards put in on Charles Street seven years ago. He brought the architectural plans for this project to share. The tree guard project was a joint effort with the City of Boston. The City moved the bricks to update the plots to a standard size for all of Charles Street, and the BHCA Tree Committee provided the guards. The businesses on Charles Street also supported this project, with a couple of businesses sponsoring the pilot tree guards program. The first two test pilots were paid for by Chris Pedersen of Charles Street Liquors (139 Charles Street) and Lou Desautels of Boston Antiques Company (119 Charles Street).

Over the last 12 years, the tree committee has helped residents throughout Beacon Hill put tree guards around the trees by their properties one by one, as residents requested it. Over the years, 100 tree guards have been installed.

One challenge after the tree guards were put in is that trash gets caught in them. Charles Street now has a cleanup program that helps alleviate this problem as well as other trash related issues on the street. Work, Inc., a non-profit that helps people integrate into the work force, is providing cleanup three times a week.

The Tree & Civic Beautification Committee meets twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, after the City publishes its planting and tree removal lists. This committee is an example of how the residents of Beacon Hill, the Beacon Hill Civic Association, the City of Boston, and local business owners partner together to beautify our historic neighborhood.

Kristen Mobilia, candidate for District 8 Boston City Council also visited the coffee hour. Having called District 8 her home for decades, she first ran for District 8 last year and is running again this year. You can find her around town participating and volunteering in activities throughout the different neighborhoods she would like to represent, as she has been for years. In addition to her volunteerism and involvement, she brings broad executive business experience in the fields of architecture /engineering, startup technology, and corporate and network broadcasting. She continues to work while running for office.

Kristen is focused on three issues that impact the communities in District 8: aging in community, civic engagement, and public health and safety. One proposal she has to help residents to age in community is to offer alternative housing arrangements and create home share opportunities, allowing a younger person to live with and help an older person who may need some assistance.

Kristen Mobilia and John Corey both showed passion for what they do, and BHCA appreciates their participating as guests in the First Friday Coffee Hour in May. The next coffee hour will be Friday, June 7, 8-9am at 74 Joy Street. The guest that day will be Kenzie Bok, who is also running for Boston City Council District 8. (The BHCA will host a District 8 Candidates Forum at 74 Joy Street, on September 10, 2019, for all candidates.)

Remember to please…

Water your new trees!

Clean trash out of your tree pits if you see any!

Remove any construction permit signs that are expired. It is the responsibility of the permit owner to take these down, but if they haven’t please do so!

Bag and toss your dog’s waste into a trash can – don’t leave it on your neighbor’s doorstep!

Upcoming BHCA Meetings

Tuesday, May 21:

Green Committee Meeting. 6pm. 74 Joy Street.

Tuesday, May 28:

Events Committee Meeting. 6pm. 74 Joy Street. 

Other upcoming BHCA Events

BHCA Annual Meeting – Monday, May 20th

Young Friends Social – Wednesday, May 29th

Visit the Beacon Hill Civic Association website or call the office (617-227-1922) for further details on any of these events, and for information about joining the BHCA.

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