Architectural Commission Again Defers Decision on Bistro Application

The Beacon Hill Architectural Commission again voted to delay its determination on the Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro’s application in a matter that was continued from the previous two months at its May 16 hearing at City Hall.

The applicant proposes relocating the hotel’s main lobby and entry to the corner of Charles and Branch streets, creating new window openings at the Branch Street elevation and replacing the wooden window shutters on the elevations at Charles and Branch streets.

Commissioner Paul Donnelly instructed the applicant to put the project in “context…to tie everything together.”

The commission also voted to continue determinations on an application to replace the intercom system and install a fire connection; replace the existing steel railing system at the deck; and install a green roof at 39 Beacon St. while also deferring its decision on an application to replace two existing skylights in kind at the rear lower roof of 109 Charles St.

 As for a matter that was continued from the Feb. 21 and April 18 hearings, the commission voted to continue its determination on an application for 28 Pinckney St., that entails replacing an existing in-filled garage door opening with a new overhead garage door, which would be painted black; removing paint from existing masonry; and restoring the curb-cut and sidewalk.

Commission Chair Miguel Rosales said the curb-cut proposal was acceptable, but that the door design still needed some adjustments while Donnelly commended the applicant for “making lots of progress.”

The commission denied a proposal to install an intercom system at 11 Irving St. on a violation continued from its hearings on March 21 and Aug. 16 of last year.

“Find a way where the door can be locked at night…and then everybody will be happy,” Rosales instructed the applicant.

Regarding a matter continued from the March 21 hearing, the commission approved an application for 94 Beacon St. to replace in kind the deteriorated roof slates and the wood trim on the dormer, as well as to install new copper flashing. This came with the proviso that the design be consistent with the applicant’s mockup.

The commission also approved an application for 25 Phillips St. to replace the rear door to the deck and restore the bricked-in window opening at the rear elevation on the condition that the applicant submit drawings of the door and window designs.

Likewise, the commission approved, with minor provisos, applications to reconstruct the rook deck at 77A Revere St., as well as to reconfigure the existing roof deck and replace the black rubber membrane roofing and the copper capping in kind at 43 Mt. Vernon St.

On an application for 33 Mt. Vernon St., the commission approved replacing the existing wood and vinyl windows with wooden six-over-six windows at the front façade and install window shutters and window flower boxes at the entry while continuing its determination on the applicant’s plans to repair and repaint the entry door, replace the door hardware and install a new buzzer in the entry.

Also, the commission approved an application to replace the existing roof-deck, remove the roof over and replace the access hatch at 4 Walnut St. on the ground that it wouldn’t be visible from a public way.

            Meanwhile, the commission approved an to install safety glass at the entry door and refurbish the automatic door opener at the Charles Street elevation of 65-66 Beacon St,

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