State Police Lower Basin Barracks Modernization Project About to Begin

At 11 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 17, the State Police-Boston Barracks, located at 250 Leverett Circle (the barracks next to the Museum of Science and the beginning of Storrow Drive) will be closed in order for a renovation of the building to begin. Barracks operations will be relocated to State Police-Brighton, 46 Leo M. Birmingham Highway, for the duration of the construction project.

The move will not affect State Police presence in the Leverett Circle/Lower Basin/Storrow Drive/Esplanade area, as patrol operations will continue in those locations as usual.

What will change is that members of the public will not be able to walk into the 250 Leverett Circle building for police business during the project. The Massachusetts State Police are taking several actions to mitigate this change.

Most importantly, a phone will be posted on the side of the building with direct contact to a State Police dispatcher. Anyone at that location who needs immediate police assistance may pick up that phone and be directly connected to a dispatcher, who will send whatever help is needed.

Signs will also be posted on the building informing the public that the barracks has moved temporarily. The non-emergency number for the barracks, will be posted on the signs, will not change and will connect callers to the front desk at the temporary location at the Brighton Barracks. That number is 617-727-4812.

The project includes renovation of existing space at the building, which is more than a century old, and a new architecturally-compatible addition on the Esplanade side of the structure. The design will emphasize the goals of sustainability and resiliency, and will incorporate energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious features.

Once the project is completed, estimated to be in fall 2022, a modern, optimally functional, and highly-accessible new State Police station will re-open at the Leverett Circle site. At that time, the State Police will establish a new State Police-Boston Barracks consisting of the original Boston Barracks that operated at that site prior to the renovation as well as the Brighton Barracks. Both stations will remain consolidated and operate from the new location, which will provide for more effective and efficient delivery of police services and greater accessibility to citizens and civic groups in the Esplanade and Lower Basin area.

The State Police will continue to post reminders and updated information on our social media pages regarding this project.

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