Beacon Hill Art Walk Postponed Until Oct. 4

Although the annual Beacon Hill Art Walk was postponed this year from its traditional slot of the first Sunday in June because of the ongoing pandemic, it’s set to return Oct. 4.

“We’re postponed it instead of cancelling the event because it’s so beloved and important for the neighborhood and artists,” said Jen Matson, an Art Walk Committee member. “We very much feel having it in the fall is the safe thing to do.”

Since 1990, residents on the Hill’s North Slope have opened up their private gardens, alleyways, and courtyards once a year to allow artists to display and sell their original, handmade artwork. Around 100 artists typically participate in the free event, which also features volunteer performers playing live classical, klezmer and folk music in residents’ gardens throughout the day. Many artists have also returned while referring fellow artists to the event each year.

“It’s a very unique event,” Matson said. “There are a lot of craft shows, but this is one of only a few that focuses on painting and other 2-D fine art.”

Leading up to it, Matson said a piece of artwork will be posted on the Art Walk’s website at each day, along with links to artists’ websites, as well as on  the Art Walk’s Facebook and Instagram pages.  And visitors can not only view the artwork, but also purchase the pieces online.

And in the event that it doesn’t come to pass as planned this fall, it will take place virtually instead.

Meantime, the Art Walk has taken on added significance this year as many artists find themselves struggling.

“Being a working artist is hard enough even under the best of circumstances,” Matson said. “All the art shows for the spring and summer have been cancelled so it’s important to support local artists in this crisis.”

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