Black Ink’s Latest Origami Fundraiser Garners $794 to Support St. Francis House

A fundraising campaign recently organized by Black Ink successfully raised a total of $794 to benefit St. Francis House.

Last month, Garden Street resident Gregory W. Skaff donated a number of original Origami bat models by Noboru Miyajima he folded to Susan Corcoran, who owns and operates the longstanding retailer of paper goods at 101 Charles St., with her husband, Timothy, to support the Boston homeless shelter.

Corcoran herself has folded literally thousands of Origami pieces since 2011 and given them away as small tokens of her appreciation to those who have contributed to her ongoing effort to offer financial aid to a host of local nonprofits and other worthy causes. Skaff, age 56, meanwhile, credits Corcoran for renewing his interest in the art after a 37-year lull when he acquired an Origami star she folded from Black Ink in November of 2016 in exchange for a nominal $1 contribution he made to her fundraising campaign.

All together, Black Ink collected  $270 in in-store donations from the Origami bats that Skaff folded, while Corcoran matched that amount (as she does each time), bring the total to $540 in support of St. Francis House. Skaff also collected another $254 from other donors to support the cause.

“Many thanks [go] to all those in the Beacon Hill community that supported the efforts for the St Francis House Origami Bat fundraiser,” Skaff wrote.

“Thank to everyone from the community who donated,” added Corcoran, who together with her son, Finn, has begun folding five-point Origami stars to help collect donations for her latest fundraising campaign, which benefits another city homeless shelter, Boston Rescue Mission.

To support Corcoran’s ongoing philanthropic efforts, visit Black Ink at 101 Charles St.

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