Diane Agoun, November Featured Speaker at Beacon Hill Women’s Forum Virtual Event

By Ariana Hanley

Diane Agoun, sole proprietor and owner of Soodee on Charles St. and Newbury St. gave her talk, “My Passion, My Journey and My Challenges” at the Beacon Hill Women’s Forum’s virtual event on Tuesday, November 10.  Members enjoyed hearing about her unique life journey and living her ‘American Dream.’

Growing up in China during the revolution with her family, Diane had a childhood lacking stability.  She aspired to create a prosperous and stable life for herself and found this was possible in the United States.  Leaving China with nothing, Diane arrived in the United States and took on various jobs to get by.  As a first generation immigrant with no family and no credit, along with a language and cultural barrier she remained focused on her number one goal of making it in the fashion industry.  Through her dedication, determination, and drive Diane opened her first Soodee storefront in Boston on Newbury St. 14 years ago and a second location right here on Charles St. just 7 years ago. 

Diane’s journey has been successful, although it has come with its challenges.  In order to endure the 2008 recession and the current COVID pandemic, Diane always remains optimistic and looks for opportunities despite challenges. Her motto is “If there is no way, you make a way.”  Through the tough times and the thriving times Diane has always had her number one supporter by her side, her daughter.  Over recent years, Diane has incorporate her daughter into her business as Soodee’s primary model.  

Diane’s apparel is one-of-a-kind!  Her boutiques offer upscale, timeless fashion with pieces made from high quality fabrics and innovative designs.  Diane hopes every woman walks out of her stores feeling confident and gorgeous!  Soodee is focused on connecting with clients in person rather than through e-commerce.  Diane prides her business on the close relationships she has built with her loyal clientele in the Boston community.  Rather than selling clothing in mass, Diane takes a more personal approach and is hands-on with her clients to find the perfect unique piece that will meet their clothing needs. 

Members of the Beacon Hill Women’s Forum were so inspired hearing Diane share her story.  Even though life will bring its many challenges, it is one’s optimism, drive, and willpower that lead to achievement and happiness.

The Beacon Hill Women’s Forum is a nonprofit organization established to help bring women in and around Beacon Hill together to form a close community of support and inspiration.  We welcome a speaker, always a woman with a unique, formidable story to tell, to our monthly Forums which meet on the second Tuesday of the month, virtually, from 6pm to 8pm (virtual social hour, followed by the program starting at 7pm sharp).  Visit The Beacon Hill Women’s Forum website to learn more about our membership options.  www.beaconhillwomensforum.org

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