Happenings on Charles Street: REMY Opens on Charles Street

A new boutique has opened on Charles Street that intends to offer one-stop shopping for women whether they’re on the go in the city or plan to relax on the beach instead.

“We try to carry everything you would wear in the city or at the beach,” said Remy Schaefer Stressenger, a fashion designer who recently opened REMY at 96 Charles St., “and you can get your wardrobes for both locations here.”

REMY, a women’s clothing boutique that recently opened at 96 Charles St.

Besides the REMY shawl and the Petite Jolie, another signature item Stressenger deigned herself is a combo-top, which, she said, is off the shoulder, part sweater and part shirt. “The shirt part can interchanged for other colors,” she added.

The stop also sells jeans and sweaters made by other designers that, Stressenger said, “aren’t sold all over place,” like Coolchange, Katherine Kidd, Place Nationale, among other brands.

REMY opened in Nantucket in 2016, and around that time, Stressenger launched the first REMY pop-up in the former location of Moxie at 51 Charles St. In June, REMY also opened a pop-up location in Duxbury that will stay in business through the holiday season.

Meanwhile, Stressenger who now lives in the North End, but previously lived in and raised her children in Beacon Hill, is happy that REMY has found a permanent home on Charles Street.

“Our store’s tagline is ‘The city girl that loves the beach,’” she said, “so it’s really nice to have a city location along with our Nantucket location.”

Visit REMY online at remycreations.com, follow them on Instagram at @RemyCreations or call them at 617-840-5898.

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