BPL Announces Teen Music Maker Showdown

The Boston Public Library announced it is partnering with The Hip Hop Transformation for the Teen Music Maker Showdown: a musical event series and statewide competition for teens. From February 5-25, Massachusetts residents ages 13-18 are encouraged to submit self-produced music tracks to be evaluated by a panel of judges from The Hip-Hop Transformation (THHT), ICA Teens, the Clubhouse Network, the BPL, and more. Three eligible winners will receive a commission opportunity to produce new music for the library, along with Visa gift cards. 

The BPL and THHT will host three events around the contest featuring industry experts; a kickoff, a music maker workshop, and an award celebration. Through the Music Maker Showdown, the BPL aims to support teens interested in showcasing their work, gaining professional experience, and connecting with leaders in the Boston music industry.  

“The BPL is thrilled to partner with The Hip Hop Transformation to bring teens the opportunity to create and share their art, as well as advance their careers and make connections in a competitive but exciting industry,” said BPL President David Leonard. “Youth engagement and career skills are both key pillars of the library’s 2021 Repairing America initiative, and we look forward to supporting our state’s next generation of music artists.” 

“The Hip Hop Transformation program is honored to team up with BPL Teens for the first ever statewide music-maker showdown! This event provides a platform for teens all over Massachusetts to have their music creations heard,” said THHT’s Artist Development Director, Red Shaydez. “Not only will this be an opportunity for three upcoming creators to have their music placed, but it will also be a great networking opportunity that could spawn future collaborations. We at THHT hope that this showdown will be the first of many.” 

The Teen Music Maker Showdown will feature three events: 

• Event Kickoff, 2/5: Teens are invited to join the BPL and THHT expert professionals Lightfoot and Flash (N.B.S.), who will be giving helpful guidelines to artists as well as sharing tracks from THHT alumni. The event will be held on the BPL Twitch channel and will include a Q&A for teens interested in participating.  

• Music Maker Workshop, 2/17: For teens participating in the Music Maker Showdown, the BPL and THHT will host professional audio producer Lightfoot and rap titans Red Shaydez and Flash (N.B.S.) to answer questions and give teens real-time advice and encouragement on their submissions. The event will be held on Zoom and participants are encouraged to join, regardless of experience level. 

• Award Celebration, 3/5: Teens who submitted music, or are interested in working in the music industry in general, are invited to join the award celebration. The event will feature a panel of industry judges who will share submission clips and announce the contest winners. It will be held on the BPL Twitch channel. 

Teens interested in participating can email up to three original music submissions to [email protected] starting at 4pm on February 5 through midnight on February 25. Contestants must be between the ages of 13-18 and reside in Massachusetts. Winners will be awarded Visa gift cards of up to $150 and eligible contest winners will be awarded a $100 commission opportunity to create music for the BPL’s Twitch and Teen YouTube channels. For full submission guidelines please visit http://bit.ly/TeenMusicMaker.

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