Pinckney Street resident to open children’s store at 73 Charles St.

When Lindsay Perrelli’s educational/children’s bookstore, a self-described “Land of Learning,” opens at 73 Charles St. in June, it will realize an all-encompassing dream for the Pinckney Street resident, teacher and soon-to-be published author of a children’s book.

“This not something that has just sprung up,” Perrelli said of the store called “The Happy Journey.” “This has been a lifelong dream of mine. I adore Beacon Hill and consider it my home, and this is an extension of my love for teaching and my love for kids.”

Originally from Connecticut, Perrelli, now 27, earned a bachelor’s degree in English Education from Ithaca College in Upstate New York before she relocated to Boston to pursue a master’s in Elementary and Special Education at what was then Wheelock College, which she earned in 2017.

Perrelli then spent two years as lead teacher at Boston Children’s Hospital, teaching children ranging in age from 3 to high school students who were too sick to learn in a regular classroom.

When Perrelli stepped down from that role in 2019, she began work on her first children’s book, also called “The Happy Journey,” which has been picked up by a publishing company.

“The whole thing was inspired by my time at the hospital,” she said of her upcoming book, “and the lessons I learned from the patients and families there.”

Besides hew own title, The Happy Journey store will carry children’s books personally selected by Perrelli, as well as also stock a selection of children’s games handpicked by her.

“We’re not just throwing anything on the shelves,” said Perrelli, who is currently working as a “pod teacher” for first-grade students from five Charlestown families. “I’ve actually tried all these games.”

Moreover, The Happy Journey will also offer new children’s programming under Perrelli’s guidance.

“I want families to feel the presence of a teacher,” she said, “which is me.”

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