Upstairs Downstairs and the Spirit of 69 Charles St.

The Spirit of 69 Charles St. at Upstairs Downstairs Home has been the signature umbrella campaign of unique events and special promotions of the venerable antique and home decor store since moving to its new location at 69 Charles St. in January of this year.

The “Spirit of 69” campaign was born the day when one of their longtime local artists, Bill Cloutman, commented upon entering the store: “You can really feel the energy and lively spirit in here. The beautiful displays of unique furniture, artwork and home decor and all that wonderful light pouring in through the huge picture windows bringing everything to life.”

So many others echo these sentiments often about the warm welcoming and lively spirit of the employees, golden oldies music playing in the background as customers hum along, and with the holiday promotions and free gifts.

“My goodness, what fun they have to find exactly what they are looking for to furnish their home and have the time of their lives doing so,” said owner Laura Cousineau.

 Valued customers are not the only ones who have discovered the unique “Spirit of 69.”

 On Feb.  27, WCVB-TV Channel 5 sent a camera crew to interview Cousineau about how she survived the pandemic.  It was during this interview, the signature phrase of the “Spirit of 69” campaign was coined – “Where sometimes what’s old can be new again.”

 This was followed by an hour-long video filmed by Down The Cape Concierge and Travel Guide, an organization that provides a video resource of unique things to do, places to eat and special places to visit, like Upstairs Downstairs Home.  The entire store, upstairs and downstairs was featured in detail with Cousineau leading the way and narrating each nook and cranny of the store.

 Then just recently, The Boston Business Journal came calling to interview Cousineau about doing business during the pandemic.  They also took many photos of the stores.  This article was scheduled to appear in the Aug. 6 edition.

“It’s been quite a run of interest by the media and we are very honored that they consider ‘spirit’ a key ingredient of a successful store and how during difficult times that it helps uplift the neighborhood,” said Cousineau.

In addition, a few days ago, a representative from for the upcoming special on Julia Child came in to purchase items to be  placed in various production scenes.  They will had plenty to choose from as a flood of new inventory had just arrived.

 Previous “spirited” events have been the hugely popular Easter “Nest Egg” Day when all customers received a plastic egg full of candy and a Kennedy half dollar  and the Kentucky Derby Day where customers had their picture taken in beautiful Derby hats, trophies full of red roses and had fun participating in racing horses on a mechanical antique racing track from the 194s. There was also the Mother’s Day flower scavenger hunt, the Father’s Day fishing event, and much more.

Upcoming events that will include Artists Night on Saturday, Sept. 25, at 6p.m., where all of the local artists will be together at one time to greet, and to thank their customers. Other events planned will include Halloween festivities with prizes and a Christmas season plans that will be remembered for years.

The Spirit of ’69 Charles St. is very easy – for the real spirit is from the fun of our always loyal customers who enter the store smiling with anticipation of what wonderful surprises and warm greetings await them. 

“We are forever grateful, and don’t forget the tax-free weekend August 14 and 15 where everything will be 20-percent off store-wide with a small gift with purchase,” said. Cousineau.

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