Edwards Receives More Endorsements

In the special election to State Senate, Lydia Edwards has been endorsed by Senators who hope to see her join them in the legislative body to represent the First Suffolk & Middlesex District, including: Senator Julian Cyr (Truro); Senator Jamie Eldridge (Acton); Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz (Boston); Senator Becca Rausch (Needham); Senator Cindy Friedman (Arlington); and Senator Eric Lesser (Longmeadow).

Senator Cyr:

“As public servants, we are tasked with a great and sacred responsibility to help people. The work may be complex but the mission is simple, and Lydia never loses sight of that in everything she does: she is about helping people who need a voice. Lydia has been a relentless champion for equity and opportunity, and she will be a force for good in the State Senate. She has my enthusiastic endorsement.”

Senator Eldridge:

“I am proud to endorse Lydia Edwards for State Senate. I have worked closely with Lydia advocating for affordable housing, protecting immigrants, and fighting for economic justice. Lydia is a true champion for working people who can bring bold, progressive change to Beacon Hill.”

Senator Chang-Diaz:

“I know firsthand how much our State House needs strong and diverse voices to balance the scales of opportunity and justice. Lydia leads the way when it comes to our state’s biggest issues, including housing, environmental justice, and economic opportunity. I’m proud to endorse Lydia Edwards for Senate and I know she’ll continue to make a game-changing impact for the people of her district.”

Senator Rausch:

“Lydia Edwards is a no-nonsense, experienced leader who I’ve seen deliver results time and time again as a City Councilor, attorney, and advocate. We need her strength, compassion, and conviction in the Legislature. I am proud to endorse Lydia Edwards for State Senate and look forward to continuing our work together, soon in the same chamber.”

Senator Friedman:

“As a former educator and as a parent and grandparent, I know firsthand the transformative power of a strong public education, and I see that shared value in Lydia’s work. She has been an advocate for opportunity at every turn of her career The people of the First Suffolk & Middlesex will be served well by her passion and dedication and Lydia will make a great addition and colleague in the Senate. I endorse Lydia Edwards for State Senate and encourage voters to get to the polls on December 14 and cast your ballot for Lydia!”

Senator Lesser:

“Although we come from different ends of the state, I have long-admired Lydia’s work in Boston and I have particular appreciation for her understanding of regional cooperation. Statewide partnerships are the key to Massachusetts’ economic stability and development, and few people see the big picture with the same insight and intelligence as Lydia Edwards. She will be a great asset to the Senate and I endorse her candidacy for the First Suffolk & Middlesex District.”

 Lydia Edwards is a candidate for State Senate representing the First Suffolk and Middlesex District, following the departure of Senator Joseph A. Boncore. For a full and up-to-date list of endorsements, visit: LydiaEdwards.org/endorsements.

Councilor Lydia Edwards is a career advocate, activist, and voice on behalf of society’s most vulnerable. She is currently the Chair of the Committee on Government Operations and the Committee on Housing and Community Development in the Boston City Council. Learn more at LydiaEdwards.org/meet-lydia.

Sheriff Tompkins Endorses Lydia Edwards in Senate Race

 Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins has endorsed Lydia Edwards in her bid to become the next senator of the First Suffolk and Middlesex Senate district.

 “I am endorsing Lydia for Senate for a number of reasons,” said Sheriff Tompkins. “Working with her for several years now, I know what a powerful advocate she is for her constituents, fighting for housing that is truly affordable, insuring the rights and protections of the immigrant population in the City of Boston, and many other quality of life issues that contribute to the health and public safety of our communities. I look forward to continuing that work with Lydia on the state level as Senator of the First Suffolk and Middlesex District.”

 Currently the City Councilor for Boston’s District 1, Lydia Edwards has shown her commitment to the people of Boston and beyond, serving as the deputy director within the Mayor’s Office of Housing Stability; as a public interest attorney with Greater Boston Legal Services where she focused on labor issues such as fighting for access to unemployment insurance, back wages, fair treatment for domestic workers and combating human trafficking; and as an activist fighting for working people across the state.

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