BHAC Denies Ratification of Unapproved Intercom System

The Beacon Hill Architectural Commission unanimously voted to deny the ratification of an unapproved intercom system at 24 Phillips St. during its Feb. 17 public hearing, which was held virtually.

In its motion, the commission ordered the applicant to work with staff to find a new, more appropriate intercom system within 90 days, and to remove the existing system once the new one has been installed, as well as to repair any damage to the building’s façade.

On a violation for the ratification of an unapproved window replacement at 29 Pinckney St., the commission voted unanimously in its motion for the replacement of four first-story windows to match those on the second floor, with shop drawings to be submitted to staff.

Provisos for this motion are that the corner blocks be removed from the window trim and replaced with ones that resembles those on the second-story windows; that the window shutter-dogs be restored to the condition shown in a 2018 photo; that improperly installed shutters go back to their original position; and that no storm windows be installed without approval from the commission.

Staff will also visit the site to assess the age and condition of what appear to be storm windows.

An application for 160 Mt. Vernon St. to install a new light fixture over the door, to replace two  two-over-two wood, double-hung windows in kind at the rear façade dormer level, and to replace two basement-level windows in the front façade, was unanimously approved by the commission.

This came with the proviso that the light fixture be flush-mounted, with cut sheets submitted to staff; and that the spigot be removed and moved back to its original location in the wood sash and the brickwork be repaired.

The applicant also agreed to look at the possibility of using a traditional 4-inch light fixture to be reviewed by staff.

The commission also voted unanimously to approve an application for 50 Beacon St., which includes the replacement of select slate roofs, as well as the restoration of damaged and missing slate; the replacement in kind of new guardrails to match the existing ones; the replacement of select failing insulated-glass units at windows; and the replacement of roof-mounted HVAC equipment with new equipment in the same locations and sizes.

This motion came with the provisos that the decks and railings visible from the street be pushed back slightly; that the HVAC units not be visible from a public way; that a small mockup of the proposed repair to the rustication at the water table be erected so staff can review the proposed materials; that a sample of the new slate be submitted to staff; and that as much historic slate be preserved as possible and dispersed throughout the roofs among the new slate.

An application for a new sign for Le Svelte Spa at 103 Charles St. appeared on the agenda but wasn’t heard by the commission due the applicant’s failure to appear at the hearing.

Moreover, an application for 10 Charles River Square to  replace one wood, double-hung six-over-six non-original window with an aluminum-clad window on the first level of the front façade was withdrawn by the applicant, while an application for new signage at 39 Charles St. was removed by staff.

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