Obituaries 07-21-2022

Nina Cornelia Dimmitt

She Was Unapologetically Ahead of Her Time Yet Infinitely Curious About the World Around Her

Dina Cornelia Dimmitt of 145 Pinckney Street, Boston passed away peacefully at the age of 84 on July 13, 2022. 

She was born in Back Bay, Boston and educated at Radcliffe College. She enjoyed an illustrious early career, teaching History of Religion at American University and then achieving tenure at Georgetown University. During this period, she published “Classical Hindu Mythology: A Reader in the Sanskrit Purana.” She later continued her studies at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich, graduating in 1985, and returned to Beacon Hill to practice as a Psychoanalyst, an occupation she took great pleasure in until her late retirement at 80. She was much beloved and distinguished by her eclectic passions, as a pianist, competitive scrabble player, hippo enthusiast, reciter of poetry, and lover of eccentric earrings. She was unapologetically ahead of her time yet infinitely curious about the world around her.

She is survived by her two sons: Colin B. Church Jr. and Jeffrey H. Church; her grandchildren: Henry R. B. Church and Olivia A. Church and her former spouse, Colin B. Church.

A Memorial Service will be held next summer in Boston and Wellfleet, Cape Cod. For arrangements and condolences, please contact Colin at [email protected].

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