City Announces Imminent Changes to Cambridge Street

Through its Connect Downtown program, which aims to improve accessibility for both pedestrians and bicyclists in the downtown neighborhoods, the city is planning to make several changes to Cambridge Street this fall, which include plans for a new separated bike lane.

The city, according to a notice, intends to install a separated bike lane going westbound on the north side of Cambridge Street between Court Street and the Longfellow Bridge, as well as to adjust the signal timing between Sudbury Street and Charles Circle to “optimize the traffic signals to keep all the travelers moving safely.”

The number of travel lanes would remain the same, except for the segment between Court and Sudbury streets, where there will be only one general travel lane going westbound and turn-only lanes approaching Sudbury Street, according to the notice.

Most of the parking on the north side of Cambridge Street between Court Street and Charles Circle will be removed, although some accessible spaces will be moved to New Chardon Street. Accessible spaces will also be added on Cambridge Street in front of the West End Branch Library.

The city will also modify curb regulations on the eastbound/south side of Cambridge Street, with the intention of keeping curbside space available delivery trucks, as well as to reduce double-parking, and to provide more “flexible” pick-up and drop-off activity, according to the notice.

Visit to review the design plans and proposed curb regulations.

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