A La Carte Massage Celebrates 11 Years

A La Carte Massage celebrates 11 years of being open since November 2011 as a multiple-establishment business and storefront on Beacon Hill at the corner of Joy and Myrtle streets.

Owned and run by Zoe Arguello, it’s open Monday through Friday and on occasional weekends, offering professional massage services, essentials oil products, and a collection of services and artworks displayed in the gallery. A La Carte Massage services include various types of massage therapies from Swedish, deep tissue, Thai, and prenatal massage, and offers reflexology for achy sore feet, plantar fasciitis, massaging the entire foot and legs, to stimulate homeostasis of the body’s natural healing energy and the nervous system.

Zoe is a licensed Massage Therapist, LMT, certified reflexologist and herbalist, trained in spiritual studies and personal development in meditation and transformational mindset coaching. She is gifted and shares her skills with soothing massage, trigger points, to relax and give clients relief from chronic pain with her strong gentle hands, positive attitude, uplifting and calming healing energy.

You can find more information on the website ALaCarteMassage.com to book an appointment and view the services online by choosing the schedule now button. Zoe is grateful for the loyal, generous clients that keep coming back for massage and reflexology, and those who enjoy receiving massage in the beautiful and inspiring atmosphere.

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