Acorn Helps Alleviate Burden Of Finding Parking in the City

Finding parking in the city can be a challenging and often frustrating undertaking, but one company is helping to alleviate the burden by providing private, full-service valet parking options for townhouses and condos in the Back Bay and Beacon Hill, along with contiguous neighborhoods (and with plans to expand to Bay Village, too, once the client-base there hits critical mass).

Acorn offers private, door-to-door valet service to  the front door of condos and townhouses that don’t have the benefit of dedicated parking. Members can simply text the service and their vehicle will be delivered to their front door around 15 minutes later, or the valet can instead meet members when they arrive home to drop off their car at the garage. (Acorn works with local neighborhood garages, so the resident doesn’t need to arrange parking themselves.)

Additionally, members will have access to their vehicles 24/7 should they choose to retrieve them independently of the service. 

Other advantages of using Acorn are that members no longer have to worry about street-cleaning schedules or feeling uncomfortable waking to and from the garage at night.

Members also won’t have to dig their cars out after snowstorms, nor will they ever need to circle the neighborhood looking for street parking.

Acorn also has charging stations so the service can accommodate EVs (Electric Vehicles) as well; in fact, this amenity has even been a factor in several members opting to purchase an EV as their next car.

Members can also buy deeply discounted passes for multiple guests, making Acorn a great option if members decide to host a dinner party at their homes.

As another incentive, Acorn offers members interior vacuuming and bottled water on request each time they request the delivery of their vehicles.

Acorn members have been so satisfied with the service so far that the only two who have opted out of the service so far did so because they were moving out of Boston.

Meanwhile, Acorn’s services can help attract a much larger pool of potential of potential buyers for homes that don’t have dedicated parking; in fact, real-estate brokers and developers now account for about one-third of the service’s subscribers, since they have already realized how much more attractive the addition of Acorn’s services can make their properties.

Developers are even securing memberships ahead of renovating properties and building new developments to make sure they can offer Acorn’s services to future buyers as an added perk.

Likewise, real estate brokers can increase their chances of selling a high-priced property by offering to pay for a month or two of Acorn’s services as an added incentive to a would-be buyer. Acorn is headquartered at 20 Park Plaza, Suite 400-8, in Boston. For more information, call 617-546-5444; email [email protected]; or visit

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