Beacon Hill Architectural Commission

The Beacon Hill Architectural Commission will hold a public hearing on August 17, at 5 p.m.


Subject of the hearing will be applications for Certificates of Design Approval on the agenda below, reviews of architectural violations, and such businesses as may come before the commission, in accordance with Chapter 616 of the Acts of 1955 of the Massachusetts General Law as amended. Applications are available for review during business hours at the office of the Environment Department. Applicants or their representatives are required to attend, unless indicated otherwise below. Sign language interpreters are available upon request.

Attention: This hearing will only be held virtually and NOT in person. You can participate in this hearing by going to: or calling 1 (929) 205-6099 and entering meeting id # 961 2760 3897. You can also submit written comments or questions to [email protected].

I. Violation Hearing

VIO.24.0805, 23.0800 147-149 Charles Street

Violation: Unapproved windows with reflective film, improper pane configuration and simulated divided lights. Removal of roof, chimney, party wall without

Commission approval.

II. Design Review Hearing

APP # 24.0157 BH 125 Charles Street

Applicant: Cecilia Hermawan; Vico Style

Proposed Work: New Signage

APP # 24.0135 BH 18 Phillips Street

Applicant: John Hecker; Spencer Preservation

Proposed Work: Rebuild front slab and install drains, install removable handrail, new electrical outlets under existing windows at front of plaza (See Additional Items Under Administrative Review).

APP # 23.0987 BH 14 Louisburg Square

Applicant: Rick Nicholson; Boston Craftsmen

Proposed Work: Replace shutters.

APP # 23.1041 BH 68 Beacon Street

Applicant: John Carlton

Proposed Work: Replace front door in kind.

APP # 23.1199 BH

83 Mount Vernon Street

Applicant: Tricia Dillon

Proposed Work: Paint front door and surround black and red.

APP # 24.0018 BH 97 Mount Vernon Street

Applicant: Kristin Jenkins

Proposed Work: New sign with bracket and light fixture.

APP # 24.0106 BH 60 Joy Street

Applicant: Kenneth Crisafulli

Proposed Work: Rebuild the community basketball court, repair, rebuild, restore, brick retaining wall, brick piers, iron fence along South Russell Street sidewalk, replace in kind existing signage, refurbish existing benches, install new basketball pole, backboard, rim.

APP # 24.0108 BH 30 Lime Street

Applicant: James Fay; Street & Company

Proposed Work: Install a hand railing on the right side wall leading up to the door between 26 and 30 Lime Street. Paint (Ben Moore HC 190).

APP # 24.0111 BH 7 Louisburg Square

Applicant: Chad Shaffer

Proposed Work: Replace two historic 6 over 6 windows on the fourth floor with new replacement windows; 6 over 6, wood, true divided lights, double hung.

APP # 23.1203 BH

17 Louisburg Square

Applicant: Derrick Tyler; Sleeping Dog Properties

Proposed Work: New Intercom inside a brass box, new door knob, locking cylinder, and rosette. (See Additional Items Under Administrative Review).

APP # 24.0126 BH 1 Chestnut Street

Applicant: Tyler Wing

Proposed Work: Replace the current, non-operational callbox with a new intercom and brass box.

III. Administrative Review/Approval: In order to expedite the review process, the commission has delegated the approval of certain work items, such as those involving ordinary maintenance and repair, restoration or replacement, or which otherwise have a minimal impact on a building’s appearance, to commission staff pending ratification at its monthly public hearing. Having been identified as meeting these eligibility criteria and all applicable guidelines, the following applications will be approved at this hearing:

• Applicants whose projects are listed under this heading Need Not Appear at the hearing. Following the hearing, you will be issued a Determination Sheet to present at the Inspectional Services Department (1010 Massachusetts Avenue) as proof of project approval when applying for permits. ISD personnel will send an electronic copy of your building-permit application to the commission staff for review. (To avoid potential confusion, the text of your building-permit application should be consistent with the project description given below.) Commission staff will accordingly authorize the execution of the work, attaching any applicable provisos, reflecting the relevant guidelines and precedents.

Please Note That Following Issuance Of The Determination Sheet No Further Correspondence Will Be Issued For The Applications Listed Below. The electronic building-permit application as annotated by commission staff will constitute your Certificate of Appropriateness; this will be valid for two years from the date of the approval letter. The applicant is required to notify the commission of any project changes; failure to do so may affect the status of the approval.

If you have any questions not addressed by the above information, please contact staff at 617.635.1935 or [email protected] Thank you.

APP # 24.0114 BH 31-33 Charles Street (63 Chestnut): Replace old vent grate at ground level on wall of 31-33 Charles Street. Replace five pressure treated planks on sidewalk in front of 63 Charles Street in kind (no finish).

APP # 24.0050 BH 103 Charles Street: Replace three non-historic, 1 over 1 sash sets on the front elevation, third floor. Replacements will be wood, double hung sash sets.

The new sash will be using clear glass, solid block construction, oil based glazed & painted semi-gloss black st the exterior to match the exterior of all the windows on the building. Remove the existing broken non-functional aluminum storm windows. All wood sills, jambs, brick moldings will remain. No masonry will be altered.

APP # 24.0048 BH 97 Chestnut Street: Paint existing front door and garage door to match existing paint color. Paint color is Benjamin Moore Soft Gloss Gray mix to match existing color.

APP # 24.0129 BH 38 Hancock Street: Repair and repaint fire escapes in kind.

APP # 23.1203 BH 17 Louisburg Square: New EV charging port as approved at #6 Louisburg Sq. (See Additional Items Under Design Review).

APP # 24.0005 BH 8 Otis Place: Fabricate and install new copper edge metal, the same size and profile as the existing copper edge metal. Existing copper gutters to remain.

APP # 24.0043 BH 75 Mount Vernon Street: At front facade, cut 3/4″ into the joints of the bricks and repoint. Mortar to match the existing historic tooling, profile color and texture. Refinish lintels and sills as needed in kind.

APP # 24.0124 BH 3 Myrtle Street: At front front façade: cut 3/4″ into the joints of

the bricks and repoint. Refinish lintels and sills in kind and paint to match the existing.

Spot repoint rear facade in kind.

APP # 23.0135 BH 18 Phillips Street: The existing ornamental wrought iron fence and central entry gates will be removed, restored, and repainted with a durable marine paint system, and reinstalled. The gates to the east and west alleys will be treated in a similar manner. The six (6) existing precast concrete piers will be repaired by filling surface cracks and patching missing areas of cast stone. Pier ‘A’ will be disassembled and reinstalled on a new cast-in-place concrete footing and foundation. The two pairs of existing wood entry doors will be removed and restored as part of the plaza restoration.

New in-kind door hardware will be provided wherever the existing hardware cannot be reused. The two precast concrete jambs that flank the main entry doorways support the large arch above. Both jamb sections exhibit vertical stress cracks due to excessive loading.

These two jamb sections will be replaced with new, in-kind precast concrete sections that will be internally reinforced with stainless steel rebars. The new precast materials will match those used elsewhere at the deck Waterproof duplex outlets will be installed at the rear faces of Piers “C” and “D.” (See Additional Items Under Design Review).

APP # 24.0049 BH 38 West Cedar Street: At top floor, replace four, 2 over 2 sash sets. Two window openings are on Pinckney Street & two window openings are on West Cedar Street. The existing wood sills, frames & brick molding at the exterior are to remain.

The new proposed sash sets will be wood, solid block, mortise & tenon fabrication, using clear glass, true divided light and be the same pane configuration which is 2 over 2. The new wood sash would be double hung, oil based glazed at the exterior and painted “Napery” semi-gloss top match the existing exterior color on the building. The muntins would match a more original 3/4” interior profile & width, 3/16” exterior wood stem & glazing.

IV. Ratification Of 7/20/2023 Public Hearing Minutes

V. Annual Vote For Chair & Vice Chair

VI. Staff Updates

VII. Projected Adjournment: 8:30 p.m.

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