Letter to the Editor

Beacon Hill Friends House supports ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement

Dear Editor

The residents of the Beacon Hill Friends House would like to publicly share our support for “Black Lives Matter.” We hope that by doing so, our interfaith intentional living community grounded in Quaker values can more deeply engage in conversations about racism in this neighborhood and around the U.S.

We have become increasingly concerned that, through inaction and silence, we have been complicit in creating a community that is not equitable, welcoming, or inclusive. In the past months, several black guests of our residents have expressed discomfort at entering Beacon Hill due to fears of being profiled or otherwise treated with disrespect. In early November, a resident also discovered racist flyers posted near our community in the Boston Commons. We feel called to speak out against these specific incidents, and against the judicial, economic, and physical violence perpetrated against black people nationwide. As a faith-based organization whose core values include equality and social justice, we must find better ways to stand in solidarity with black folks.

Our residents invite you to share in a process of mutual exploration and accountability as we strive to make Beacon Hill more equal and more just. As we move forward together, we hope that you will also consider joining us in:

Applying to the Beacon Hill Architectural Commission to hang a Black Lives Matter sign in your window. We have applied to the commission to hang our own sign, which is scheduled to be discussed at its March 16 meeting. We’d be grateful for any support.

Learning more about actionable steps to combat racism by attending the Showing Up for Racial Justice meeting on Feb. 27 at 6:30 pm – more information can be found at surjboston.org

Learning more about black history, abolitionism and racism in Beacon Hill by attending the Boston Museum of African American History on 46 Joy Street. A group of our residents will be going on February 25 at 11 am and we welcome company!

Donating to Black Lives Matter at the national or local level. This can be facilitated through blacklivesmatter.com


If you are interested in sharing your thoughts or further working with us, please connect with us on Facebook or Twitter (@BHFriendsHouse).

Residents of the Beacon Hill

Friends House

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