Boston City Council Updates

The Boston City Council met on Wednesday, December 6 at at Boston City Hall.

• The City Council’s Special Committee on the Community Preservation Act to appoint four finalists to the Community Preservation Committee has been pushed to the following hearing date, Wednesday, Dec. 23. City Councilor Michael Flaherty said that City Council is expecting the five from the administration and want to hold off until those are received.

• Passage of the ordinance to provide for the safe disposal of sharps will be held off until the New Year. The sponsor Councilor Annissa Essaibi George said that she would re-file the order in a new draft in the next session to reflect all of the input she has received from community. The ordinance will ask pharmacies to provide a place for safe disposals of used needles at all store locations.

• An order for a hearing to discuss the sexual harassment policy in the Boston City Council was called for by City Councilors Josh Zakim and Ayanna Pressley. After several high-profile cases across the country, including the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, have recently shed light on the considerable scope of this issue, the Councilors wanted to provide an important opportunity for the Boston City Council to examine its own policies and procedures regarding sexual harassment policy. The hearing will make sure that the Boston City Council has best practices in place to ensure the safety of all employees, visitors, and others and if any incidents do occur, that systems are in place to properly address complaints.

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