Patriots Fever

Boston sports fans are already donning their New England Patriots apparel in advance of Sunday’s big game, but if former Back Bay resident Tom Brady can lead the team to its sixth Super Bowl title on Sunday, sales of hats, jerseys, and sweatshirts are expected to skyrocket.

And one of the most popular spots providing plenty of choices to show your pride in the hometown team is the ‘47 Boston store at 286 Newbury St.

“I definitely think this is the No. 1 store to buy Patriots apparel, especially on Newbury Street itself,” said Shane Perez-Brennan, sales associate at ‘47 Boston. “We carry the widest variety, particularly Patriots’ gear, but Boston sports in general.”

The biggest seller the past few weeks has been the basic Flying Elvis, navy blue, clean-up hat, which is adjustable in all sizes.

Should the Patriots defeat the Eagles and win their sixth Super Bowl title in Minnesota, “Super Bowl Champions” apparel will be on sale soon after the game.

“I’m sure we’ll have those hats available soon after the Super Bowl,” said Perez-Brennan, noting the store opens at 11 a.m.

Born in Lowell, Perez-Brennan said he has always been a Patriots fan. As the Patriots have become the most successful franchise in the NFL, the team’s popularity has soared regionally and nationally.

“There is not only Patriots’ fever in this area, but we see tourists coming in here all the time looking for Patriots’ gear, especially in the playoffs and leading up to the Super Bowl,” said Perez-Brennan.

The ’47 Boston sports lifestyle brand is so named because the D’Angelo twin brothers, Arthur and Henry, started selling Red Sox hats and pennants outside Fenway Park in 1947. The brothers’ now-legendary, Red Sox souvenir store continues to operate on Yawkey Way. A second ‘47 store has opened at the Northshore Mall, Peabody

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