Wedding Announcement:John David Corey and Miguel Angel Rosales Married Jan 19 at the Breakers in Palm Beach

John David Corey is a real estate investor in both Boston and Palm Beach.  He specializes in the historic restoration and renovation of single-family townhouses in Beacon Hill.  He has a bachelor’s degree from Boston College in Chestnut Hill and a master’s degree in real estate from the School of Architecture and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He is the youngest son of Donald and Marcia Corey from Boston and Osterville, Mass.  Mr. Donald Corey, the groom’s father, is a second-generation owner of Blanchards Wines & Spirits, originally founded in 1838 in the Boston Area. In the 1950s, the family owned company expanded into a chain of retail stores with its own importing and distributing division, as well as a bottling plant in the South End of Boston. Mr. Corey is a member of the Chilton Club, a director of the Beacon Hill Civic Association, the co-chair of the Palm Beach Civic Association Town Beautification Committee, member of the Palm Beach Architectural Commission and founder of Palm Beach Walks, an advocacy group for improving recreational walking and bicycling on the island of Palm Beach.

Miguel Angel Rosales is well-regarded bridge designer and a licensed architect in multiple states including Massachusetts and Florida.  He has a bachelor’s degree from Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala City, Guatemala and a master’s degree in urban design from the School of Architecture and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He is the eldest son of Lidia Marina Izas de Rosales and the late Marco Antonio Rosales of Guatemala City. Mr. Marco Antonio Rosales, the groom’s father, was the chief pharmacist and general manager of the former Sterling-Winthrop pharmaceutical company in Guatemala City.  Mr. Rosales is the president and owner of the award-winning bridge design firm Rosales + Partners.  He has designed iconic bridges across the United States and abroad including the Leonard P. Zakim and Appleton bridges in Boston, the Liberty Bridge in Greenville, S.C., the Moody Bridge at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, and the Puente Centenario over the Panama Canal in Panama. He is also the lead architect on the restoration of the historic Longfellow Bridge in Boston. Mr. Rosales is a member of the Algonquin Club, a member of the Beacon Hill Architectural Commission and board member and co-chair of the Beacon Hill Garden Club Civic Planting Committee. The grooms are also co-chairs of the Beacon Hill Civic Association Tree and Civic Beautification Committee.

Prior to the wedding, on the evening of Jan. 18, a welcome cocktail reception was held at their home Villa Speranza with over 100 guests attending in full Palm Beach-resort cocktail attire.

The wedding ceremony was held in the historic Gold Room at The Breakers and Ned Barnes, president of the Palm Beach Civic Association, officiated.  The grooms wore custom made tuxedos by Antonio Ayala Custom Tailor from Hanover, MA.  The flower girl and ring bearer were Tula and Abe Levin of Beacon Hill, Boston and the marriage witnesses where Margaret Lilly and Elizabeth Campanella also of Beacon Hill. After the nuptials, a cocktail reception was held in the Mediterranean Courtyard followed by a dinner dance in the Mediterranean Ballroom. Adding elegance to the event, the gentlemen were in black tie, and the ladies wore white or light colored evening gowns.

The wedding was attended by many Beacon Hillers including Beacon Hill Garden Club president Jeanne Burlingame, Beacon Hill Civic Association president Suzanne Besser and her husband John, Beacon Hill Civic Association executive director Patricia Tully, Benjamin and Tamala Levin, Jeff and Alyson Lindsay, Board Chair of the Friends of the Public Garden Leslie Adam and her husband Alistair, Brad and Susan Kearney, George and Sandra Gilpatrick and Rachel Thurlow.

A wedding brunch took place the next morning on the Ocean Lawn of The Breakers, after which the couple left on a honeymoon to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The grooms met in Boston in 2003 and have been together for over 15 years. They are very active in civic and community activities in both Beacon Hill and Palm Beach and share a passion for improving and enhancing the places where they live. Mr. Corey is a Florida resident and Mr. Rosales is Massachusetts resident.  They split their time between Palm Beach and Beacon Hill.

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