Boston Parks & Recreation Tree Maintenance Schedule

The following diseased trees will be removed. If neighbors want to make sure the tree-guards protecting these trees do not get damaged removed them before March 25, store them and then re-install them after the new trees get planted in the spring or fall.

Number Street                   Neighborhood   

32      Anderson St           Beacon Hill         9″ mostly dead linden. Left of front door.       

58-60   Anderson St           Beacon Hill         9″ dead Linden    

5        Blossom St             Beacon Hill         28″ dead Norway maple. Left of front door to hotel . Closest to parkman street.        

138     Cambridge St          Beacon Hill         5″ dead maple     

53       Chestnut St             Beacon Hill         11″ mostly dead Linden. Mushrooms on trunk and branches       70                     Chestnut St     Beacon Hill                  8″ dead Linden top broke out         

24       Garden St              Beacon Hill         8″ dead maple left of front door.       

28       Garden St              Beacon Hill         12″ dead Norway maple     

45       Irving St                 Beacon Hill         8″ Norway maple. Large wound at base of trunk. back side is completely decayed.   

42       Myrtle St                Beacon Hill         outside of park. To the right of front entry gate. 12″ Dead Honey Locust.    

77       Myrtle St                Beacon Hill         6″ dead maple     

88       Phillips St              Beacon Hill         8″ dead maple     

2        Pinckney St            Beacon Hill         4″ red maple. Half dead. Bark falling off trunk. 

67       Pinckney St            Beacon Hill        

22″ pear. 20 degree lean over road. Back leader of canopy broke out previously creating large wound and decay in trunk. The result was large sucker growth which has very weak attachment at the branch union.

71       Pinckney St            Beacon Hill        

20″ pear. Half of the canopy broke off in storm previously. All remaining canopy weight leaning down hill with nothing to safely prune back too.

112     Pinckney St            Beacon Hill         12″ dead cherry   

91       Revere St               Beacon Hill        

18″ pear tree with 30 degree lean over road. Sidewalk uplifted and tree fence being pushed down. Also lost large leader over roadway resulting in a large wound on the trunk. Wound is located at co-dominant stem attachment resulting in weak branch attachment. 88A       W Cedar St          Beacon Hill         6″ pear. Entire top gone from storm

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