City Archaeologist to Serve as Featured Speaker at BHCA Meeting

The Beacon Hill Civic Association’s (BHCA) Annual Meeting will take place on Monday, May 18, beginning at 6 p.m. at the Union Club, 8 Park St.  BHCA’s featured speaker at the Annual Meeting will be Boston City Archaeologist Joseph M. Bagley, who will be presenting a talk on “A History of Beacon Hill Through Its Artifacts.” 

Bagley is the author of “A History of Boston in 50 Artifacts,” which stretches back over 12,000 years and then comes right up to the near past, to tell the unique history of Boston by examining the artifacts that have been found here. From cannonballs to drinking cups and from ancient spears to porcelain, his book offers a unique look at Boston’s history and physical culture while revealing the ways objects can offer a tantalizing entrée into our past.

Boston City Archaeologist Joseph M. Bagley, who will be the featured
speaker at the Beacon Hill Civic Association’s Annual Meeting on May
18 at the Union Club.

Bagley has conducted archaeological surveys from the woods of Maine to the Florida Everglades and specializes in both Native American and historical archaeological analysis and the archaeology of Boston. Currently he curates a growing repository of archaeological collections housed at the City Archaeology Laboratory in West Roxbury, acts as the review and compliance agent for below-ground cultural resources in the city, educates the public in archaeology through a number of city programs, manages Rainsford Island, and manages the Archaeology Programs’ social media platforms.

Bagley received a bachelor’s degree in Archaeology from Boston University and a master’s degree in Historical Archaeology from UMass Boston. In 2016, he was awarded the John L. Cotter Award from the Society for Historical Archaeology for early career achievements.

“We are very excited to have Boston City Archaeologist Joe Bagley as the featured speaker at our upcoming Annual Meeting,” said Rob Whitney, BHCA President.  “I have read his book on the history of Boston as told through the artifacts that have been found here, and it is fascinating.  I’m very much looking forward to his presentation at the BHCA Annual Meeting.”  

To attend the BHCA’s Annual Meeting and hear Bagley’s fascinating tale about the history of Beacon Hill through the artifacts that have been found here – from the Boston Common to the African Meeting House – e-mail [email protected] or call 617-227-1922.

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