Beacon Hill Architectural Commission

The Beacon Hill Architectural Commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Thursday, August 20, at 5 p.m.

Attention: This hearing will only be held virtually and NOT in person. You can participate in this hearing by joining the meeting online, or calling 1-929-205-6099 and entering meeting id #875 3666 0932. You can also submit written comments or questions to [email protected] or via Twitter @bostonlandmarks

1. Executive Session

2. Violations APP # 21.0098 BH 37-41 Bowdoin Street

Proposed Work: Ratification of cell phone antennas visible from Bowdoin Street.

APP # 21.0099 BH 4 Otis Place

Proposed Work: Ratification of unapproved front stair changes, penthouse window fenestrations, penthouse height & slope and penthouse cladding.

3. Design Review

APP # 21.0100 BH 7 Mount Vernon Place

Proposed Work: repaint front door bm black 2132-10; repaint surround black based on new historic evidence. Install keypad at front and rear entryways

APP # 21.0101 BH * 116 Charles Street

Proposed Work: At front façade, install piping to several windows.

APP # 21.0102 BH * 107 Myrtle Street

Proposed Work: Replace head house bead board siding with black vertical panel siding.

APP # 21.0103 BH 25 Charles Street

Proposed Work: Restoration of Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro. This project involves new, true divided light windows in floors 2 through 5. (double hung and replacement) double hung windows will be 6 over 6 wood, repairs to window sills and lintels in kind, repairs to existing shutters, replacement of missing elements, replace skylight, replace three fire escape doors, new mechanical equipment and shield at rooftop, . (See Additional Items in Administrative Review)

APP # 21.0104 BH* 30 Hancock Street

Proposed Work: Installation of 3 HVAC condensers at the rear of the structure.

APP # 21.0105 BH* 87 Mount Vernon Street

Proposed Work: In kind replacement of two existing door/windows on carriage house.

4. Administrative Review

APP # 21.0103 BH 25 Charles Street: Repair slate roof, repaint ornamental metal, window trim, and metal flashing in kind, masonry repointing, replace stone sills and lintels in kind (See additional items under design review).

APP # 21.0106 BH 23 Brimmer Street: At third level, front, replace 2 2 over 2 wood windows with three, 2 over 2 wood windows.

APP # 21.0107 BH 60 Chestnut Street: Scrape, repaint front door and surround in kind.

 APP # 21.0108 BH 109 Chestnut Street: Replace

APP # 21.0109 BH 41 Phillips Street: Replace wood trim surrounding 16 dormers in kind. Install new copper pan flashing in kind. Repaint to its original color.

 APP # 21.0110 BH 2 River Street Place: At level 1 restore two 2 over 1 wood windows and one 6 over 3, wood window, at level two, restore two, 6 over 6, wood windows, at level three restore two, six over six wood windows, two 6 over 6 wood windows.

APP # 21.0111 BH 119 Tremont Street: Repair Mayflower pulpit by replace deteriorated metal plates and supports in kind.

APP # 21.0112 BH 100 Pinckney Street: At front façade, repaint the front stoop and painting/repairing a wooden deck wall. Colors are in kind:  BM Fairview Taupe for the stoop & BM Audubon Russet for the deck wall.

APP # 21.0113 BH 30 Mount Vernon Street: At roof level, install 60 feet of snow guards

APP # 21.0114 BH 112 Mount Vernon Street: At front and rear façade, restore seven wood historic 6 over 1 window. Replace second floor bath and master 1 over 1 windows with 6 over 6 windows.

APP # 21.0115 BH 25 West Cedar Street: repaint levels 1, 2, and 3 windows and shutters in kind. Repaint front door and trim in kind, alley door, boot scraper, Balcony, basement grate, garden rail, and front handrail in kind.

5. Ratification of 7/16/2020 Public Hearing Minutes

6. Staff Updates

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