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Mayor’s Coffee Hour for Back Bay and Beacon Hill

Thanks to Mayor Michelle Wu for a successful coffee hour at the Commonwealth Avenue Mall on Tuesday morning. These annual coffee hours are a great way to see the people we rely on in City Hall in person, to share concerns with them, and to learn more about various city departments. Thanks as well to Rep. Jay Livingstone and City Councilor Sharon Durkan for being there.

Mayor’s Office Photo By Mike Mejia Mayor Michelle Wu chats with BHCA Executive Director, Patricia Tully

BHCA Committee Work


Joint Charles Street Committee

The Joint Charles Street Committee is a collaboration between the Beacon Hill Civic Association (BHCA) and the Beacon Hill Business Association (BHBA).  The Committee works on all matters related to Charles Street including the streetscape, trash and recycling removal, zoning, safety, traffic in all forms, and parking.  The Committee collaborates with other BHCA committees as well as the City and the Commonwealth.  The Committee encourages active participation from residents and business owners.

2023-2024 Achievements

1.  Organized monthly volunteer-based cleanings of Charles Street

2.  Continued to engage with stakeholders and the City to formulate concepts for multimodal improvements to Charles Street

3.  Worked with local law enforcement to identify opportunities to improve public safety on Charles Street

4.  Communicated with residents and business owners regarding all matters related to Charles Street

 Diana Coldren (Resident, Charles River Square)

Ali Ringenburg (Owner, Sloane Merrill Gallery and BHCA Director)


BHCA Annual Appeal

The Beacon Hill Civic Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to community building, civic engagement, and historic preservation on Beacon Hill. Your donations to the Annual Appeal allow us to continue our efforts to preserve and enhance our historic neighborhood. Support our 2024 Annual Appeal with your donation today at

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